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Reviews for "Dragonmyths"

This game's fairly minimalist, but is fun to play, and has some cool features reminiscent of Runescape.
=You can type in the number of items you want to cook/smelt/smith.
=You can inspect items to see their examine text.
=Items can be dragged from inventory to the ground to drop them.
=By hovering over an item, resource, or monster, you can identify what they are, although in monsters' cases you need to inspect them to see their level.
=The aggressive monsters (and whatever you fight) will lock onto you but will leave you alone after you leave their designated spawn area.
=There are different sfx for running on different surfaces and crafting different items.
=The game runs smoothly and is clearly highly polished.

However, there are a number of flaws.
=The save function doesn't work (at least for me) when I leave my game file to return to the menu.
=Multiple items are redundant- for example, the hatchet and pickaxe only give a slight boost to woodcutting and mining, so it's more efficient to keep using the stone club until you make the knight berserker (the big double-headed axe) which is a super-powered stone club.
=Multiple items are useless- the scorpion tail is an interesting drop, but cannot be used for crafting any items. Neither can the copper bar.
=The herblore and magic skills are nearly useless- making rose potions is extremely time-consuming and tedious- it's also the only potion you can apparently make. Magic spells are also time-consuming and tedious, and I found it easier to just use melee outside of the quest that required feathers.
=When you reach the smithing level required to create iron swords, the game says you can make iron daggers as well- they don't exist in-game. The same thing happens once you can make the helmet and knight sword- a third item beginning with 'knight' is listed but is cut off by the text limit.
=Monsters in the sewer can spawn in walls, making retrieval of their drops impossible.
=Both the player and monster icons will intermittently disappear and reappear on the minimap- after a half-hour of gameplay, infecteds in the northeastern area stopped showing up on the minimap.
=The skeletons in the sewer do not show up on the minimap. Again, not sure if this is a glitch or intentional.
=The monsters on the northeast beach will attack you but cannot be seen on the game screen, just the minimap. Their damage level and roam area suggests they are crabs, but they're invisible, so, not sure about that.
=There is another landmass visible at the edge of the western continent which appears to have a couple resource dots, even though you cannot reach it. Not sure if this is a glitch because I can't see any resources on that landmass even when standing at the western continent's edge.
=Ore rocks are extremely similarly colored, making it difficult to distinguish between silver and tin, although this is countered by the hover-id I mentioned earlier, so it's sort of a minor issue.
=This is just a personal preference, but there should be a knight chestplate instead of just the leather vest and wizard robes. It's like wearing a kevlar helmet and carrying a riot shield to a drug raid but only wearing a t-shirt and shorts.
The game has a lot of potential to be even better once these issues are addressed, so I'm looking forward to see if you put out a sequel of some sort. :D

For the players-
=Only carry your weapon and armor when fighting monsters, especially in the northeastern area of the continent you start on, especially in the rocky island in the north of the western continent.
=The wooden chest will only work when you drop it on the ground. I'd suggest you make at least 5 to store resources to make the knight equipment, as well as the tools you're not using so you don't lose them on death.
=The game says you need to make 3 magic spells, which is confusing, but you only need one orb for this because each orb produces 3 spells.
=Although silver and infecteds exist on both continents, you need to go look for red dragonstone, emerald, and gold resource rocks. Store the gold in a chest ASAP because it is by far the hardest resource to access.
Good luck, and happy gaming. :V

Maxiecole responds:

Thaaanks so much for the feedback. Reviews like these are the reason I published the game here in the first place :D I will make a sequel which is more fleshed out in content and more polished.

The scorpion tail can be crushed with a rock to make better magic orbs.
Bones dropped by skeletons can also be crushed to make invisibility potions.
I hoped to mix a little of player-curiosity by trying mixing and matching different things. But that wasn't very obvious. I guess I either have to show everything or hide everything.

I played for around 1 hour and then died, and realized that even reloading a save game wouldn't let you keep the items in your inventory - so that's it for me I guess.

- High respawn rate of items and enemies
- Cute graphics
- Wide open map which is good for exploration
- Crafting plays a big part
- Varied item and enemy types

- Slow walking speed
- You lose all items in your inventory on death, even if you reload a saved game (to be fair, some may enjoy this feature but I was looking for a more casual experience)
- Can only teleport home ever 10 minutes or so (would have been nicer if we could teleport home whenever we weren't engaged in combat)
- Unstackable items which take up loads of inventory space

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I will look into the saving/loading bug.
Yeah I realize the walking speed is slow... I'll have to address that in a future patch. I will look into a way to alternative teleports... spells/scrolls... I hope to see if I can figure out a better way of doing inventory. Thx.

I almost wish I died with all my knight stuff. I still need three more levels for mining for the king part and I want a better excuse to mine stuff. Maybe adding a side quest while you're grinding will be a good idea to keep the player entertained. Just need one more emerald after that but not 100% sure how I got the first two.

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks for the comment. You probably got the two emeralds from quests. Emerald ores are scattered across the map.

Really fun, but pretty minimal. I've now completed all the quests, and I'm kind of sad there's nothing left to do. It would be awesome to see a more fleshed out version of this, it's great. There is a lot of grinding, it would be nice if there were a slightly better balance of achievement to grinding (like if you got to go to a new area due to newly gained skills or something), or maybe just a tiny bit more story (like if you could kill a 'boss dragon' and be king of this three person kingdom or something) but that would all be a cherry on top of an already awesome game-sundae. Thanks for the fun game!

Just a note, I've seen others mention it; the 'teleport home' button must be bugged, it can't just be people minimizing the game and the timer not moving. Today when I started up the game, and it was bugged (I couldn't move, and was being slowly killed by an invisible enemy), and stayed bugged when I refreshed. I've had this problem with this game before, but a reload fixed it before. When a refresh/reload didn't fix it this time, I tried teleporting home, and that fixed it so I could move and everything seemed fine. I played for about 20 to 30 mins, and tried to teleport home from the dragon area, and got the 'you must wait 9 minutes' msg... but it had been at least twice that long since I'd used it. I tried again 20min after that, and still same thing. I was playing the whole time, so the game had to have been highlighted.

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks for playing it and the kind review:)
I will make new versions of the game with more content for sure, I just have to find the time :D
I will look into the teleport home problem, thanks.

It's a fun game, for the most part. The final quest seemed AWFULLY grindy, but I decided to tackle it anyway. Then after spending a couple hours making knight bars, I got killed by a dragon while trying to find gold, and lost ALL the equipment I'd spent the rest of the game making. Welp...that's it for me. Shame.

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks for the feedback, sorry you died D: