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Reviews for "Dragonmyths"

After crafting the Stone Club, the Game freezes. I tried it a second time and it freezed again after talking with the wise man. No fun...

I died and now my heath is stuck at zero. Potions and fish don't work. Refreshing didn't help. Otherwise this is a good game.

Really nice game. It could use some tweaks here and there like making you able to retrieve the loot when you died, make items stackable (at least make the chests bigger so you don't need 10 of them), the walking speed could be faster or boots could be used for better speed. There's a lot to tell to be improved here, but at the end it was worth my 2 hours playing it... I was about to end with the shield, but I got cocky against the dragon and died :(

Maxiecole responds:

Thank you for the feedback!
In the next patch you will have the option to choose three items to keep at death. Items will e stackable, walking speed will be faster. :)

Runescape Classic?

I forgot to save and now my knight sword is gone...I'm done. Took me too long to even get it, I won't be making another one.

Maxiecole responds:

Hmm, the game should autosave quite often. I'll look into why you might've lost it. Sorry!