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Reviews for "Dragonmyths"

OUTSTANDING GAME! One of the most innovative I have played thus far on here. But I agree with those who say the inventory needs to be fixed. I recommend setting up stackable income. Without it, this game is a real pain in the butt.

Maxiecole responds:

Thank you:)
I'm hoping to keep the inventory limited as it adds the element of planning and organization to the game. Maybe I'll try a way to enslave people to transport chests for you:)

Enjoyed the game, it's slightly clunky but enjoyable. It does end up being a bit of a grind and repetitive in a fetch-quest sort of way.

A few things I feel like could improve it are:

1. Expanded inventory, or some way to expand your inventory. Failing that, let us stack items. I would prefer item stacking, though.

2. Let us craft sticks out of logs. Killing slimes for sticks ended up being one of the biggest grinds, until...

3. Level 10 Woodcutting to chop down Pine Trees? I had level 5 when I finally found the Pine Trees and had absolutely no reason to chop down that many trees by that point and had to grind out chopping down trees for a while just to make it all the way back to a Pine Tree. I would either drop the requirement to 5 or find more useful recipes to use wood for.

Thanks for making the game!

Maxiecole responds:

Thank you for the feedback!:)
High-leveled people shouldn't kill slimes, agreed. I added a saw that you can use on logs.
Pine trees are now lvl7.
Was inventory a problem even though you had chests?

stuck on how to get red and more gold for king shield, doesn't say where to find them

Maxiecole responds:

Sorry, I updated the game now, It's now available.

Loosing all your items when u die is really punitive knowing that u can't even retrieve them
- Is there a way to heal ?
- The house seems usseles
- U don't have enough information about what u are crafting, i crafted a armor and it doesn't help me
- the plus and minus icons in the corner doesn't do anything

The game could be cool but there is too much bad things

Maxiecole responds:

Plus and minus now fixed:)
You are shown various ways of healing by doing quests.
Thanks for the feedback.

Similar bug to the one below but for the hunter quest. After you try to talk to the angry man, the quest doesn't progress. Thanks for fixing the earlier bug so quickly.

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks. Now fixed:)