Reviews for "Dragonmyths"

I really do like this game, and I worked pretty hard, but I just can't do the last quest for several reasons:
-Save-state is wonky when saving. I'll save next to my house in case I die, travel somewhere, and then spawn where I traveled TO instead of where I saved when I load it, but with the same inventory as when I saved
-Piggybacking off the last point, I also spawn with my inventory rearranged and everything unequipped. This means that I'm stuck in a loop of being spawned naked next to a dragon, in my case
-This game seems to use ten tons of memory. I've never before gotten a message about Flash/Unity memory space being low in the 5 years I've used this for playing games, but I've now gotten it repeatedly since I started yours. "uploads.newgrounds.whatever" keeps giving me a notification about needing space and not loading the game, but even after I deleted enough to play, the game still filled up my memory again after five seconds.

Also, some suggestions are better inventory because of all the tools/magic, less grinding since it's monotonous, better armor to deal with the dragons, fix the lag if possible, and also maybe turn down the music? (my Flash volume is on 1 and it's full blast, ear-shatteringly loud)

Maxiecole responds:

Hey, thanks for the detailed review:)
I can't seem to replicate the bug you've describing with the weird saving except for the rearranged inventory. I will look into that.
Maybe the memory space being low has something to do with the wonky save states.
What exactly is my game filling up? Could you screenshot the warning you get?
What kind of lag are you experiencing? What browser are you using?
I'd appreciate a PM with a screenshot or something:)

Huge fan of the game, I really like the crafting aspect and I don't mind the grinding but the really annoying thing is that I will get stuck on certain areas, such as the end of the bridge on the dragon side. I then have to wait to teleport back while fighting off the dragon. I've tried reloading and everything and even using the right-click walk here button. The teleport home button requires you to wait longer than 10 minutes and doesn't even reset everyday. Wish there was an emergency mini teleport button but other than that I love it!!

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks for the review!:)
The teleport home button only counts down while the game is in focus, so it might seem broken if you're having the game in the background or something.

Fantastic concept, but with few annoying things.

-Magic: Creating magic is way too repetitive and annoying. Please just let us have some sort of mana pool or magic weapons instead of making arcana orbs.

-equipment: no equipment menu so it is difficult to see stats/bonuses, total or per equipment.

-inventory: please make it so that equipment and magic are separated with the main inventory, considering that we have very limited space for inventory, it is quite ridiculous if we have to manage our equipment and arcana orbs.

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks, good ideas. I will look into a better way of managing magic. I think a orb pouch that can store some orbs and some sort of wand that can auto-cast will be useful.

A game that could be fantastic with some quality of life improvements:

1) Make an equip menu. We have too few inventory slots already. Allow us to put tools in tool slots so they don't take up inventory space along with our weapon and equipment.

2) If ignoring 1, at least have tools be auto used when they are in the inventory. Needing to hand equip an axe, fishing rod, or pick is incredibly annoying and serves no need.

3) Exp rates of certain stats need to be extremely adjusted. Less used skills like herblore, fishing, cooking, and magic are boring grind fests that make you just avoid them

4) Magic. Probably the least expanded skill and the most useless. The process to make a single shot magic item is ridiculously complex (go and dig sand, go and mine coal, go and smelt it, go and make it into this thing, make it into another thing, use a rock on another ore to get this thing, use that thing on the previous thing to get 3 shots). Why did you do this? Make a mana bar, make staves/wands that do less damage but can be used from afar, anything but what is currently in place.

4) Far too few quests and the quests that are available hardly help explain anything other than the bare minimum. The jump from regular enemies to zombies and beyond is pretty extreme. Honestly I wish everything was expanded. I love this mini Runescape experience

5) Better stats on weapons and armor. I know they can be seen on the smithing screen but inspect should tell you what it does at least. This could also be shown on an equip screen.

6) Faster movement. Just takes too long to get around. Could've had an agility skill that goes up and improves your movement speed over time.

If some of these changes are implemented this could be one of the most fun games I've seen on here in a while.

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks for the kind words and the detailed feedback!
1) I see your point. What I wanted to accomplish was that when you for example go fishing, you would take off your armor, as you normally would when you go fishing. I like the idea of the compromise.
2) Good point
3) I will look into that
4) Right, my ambition with magic was not really for regular combat but primarily for hunting mobs that would normally outrun you. So, complex steps -> bird drop -> rewarding things such as the best fish and other goodies. I will look into making this more clear.
4b) I hope to expand the game in the summer:)
5) Noted.
6) I'm thinking of equipment like feather boots? I will look into that the player can place roads, or maybe tame a horse. I hope to transform the game into a rpg where you build the world.
There is actually a speed potion in the game, but that wasn't taught how to make in any of the quests, so I hoped that someone would get excited by finding out things for themselves.
Thanks again.

Less of an action RPG and more of a harvesting grinding game. A bad ripoff of Runescape.
Spend much of the early game just collecting stuff. Then I died and lost everything.
Lack of instructions such as being able to right click items to say empty the bucket.
Boring. Would be more fun if we could auto-pilot instead of running around looking for stuff.
Playing more would just give me more reason not to play so I'm done.
Not even going to bother playing other games by Moxiecole.

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks for the feedback:)