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Reviews for "Dragonmyths"

Got stuck in the wall in the sewers as well, with a 9 minute countdown for teleport that never decreases meaning game over. Only had last quest to finish so a bit of a bummer, but overall a great game.

Maxiecole responds:

Sorry that you got stuck, the cooldown timer is only counting down when the game is in focus.

Pro: There's a lot to do, especially the intricate crafting system. The number of different recipes reminds me of Skyrim.

Con: Two game-ending bugs. First, I got stuck in a wall in the dungeon. Second, the cooldown timer for the teleport feature appears to be set to hours, rather than minutes.

Overall: Had a lot of fun with this for a few hours. It's a good diversion. Rather disappointed that I currently can't finish the game. Maybe I'll check back tomorrow and see if I can finally teleport myself out of the wall.

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks for the feedback. The cooldown timer is only ticking down when your game is in focus, unfortunately, so if your game is in the background it might seem like it's frozen.

Excellent game. Love the quirky graphics, the painful-looking limp that the character has, and the obvious care that went into it.

As others have said, it feels like the land is empty. I guess cause it is? Maybe some NPC's? More quests for sure.

The teleport home bug is a rough one. It tells you that you must wait 9 minutes to teleport home... and keeps saying that. I have not seen it reset once. Kind of a bummer.

The grindy-ness didn't feel too bad to me; I did everything save the King quest in under 3 hours. It was fun too. Also, the chests really help with inventory size; however, the teleport would really be a help to retrieve needed items (like your saw, damnit)... Maybe a 'town portal' type thing would be better?

MOAR SPELLS needed. I like to play magic-users, and while I understand that the magic in this game is simply a ranged weapon to get the birds, it'd be nice to have more magic.

Just make it perfect, with all the stuff that everyone wants, okay?!?

haha! Great job, man.

Maxiecole responds:

Haha thanks man.
You're right, it does feel a little empty. I wish to make a more filled version in the summer. There is actually a poison orb that can be crafted. It's kind of hidden as it's not been included in any quests.

I'll try to make it perfect!:P

Pretty good

Maxiecole responds:


I really do like this game, and I worked pretty hard, but I just can't do the last quest for several reasons:
-Save-state is wonky when saving. I'll save next to my house in case I die, travel somewhere, and then spawn where I traveled TO instead of where I saved when I load it, but with the same inventory as when I saved
-Piggybacking off the last point, I also spawn with my inventory rearranged and everything unequipped. This means that I'm stuck in a loop of being spawned naked next to a dragon, in my case
-This game seems to use ten tons of memory. I've never before gotten a message about Flash/Unity memory space being low in the 5 years I've used this for playing games, but I've now gotten it repeatedly since I started yours. "uploads.newgrounds.whatever" keeps giving me a notification about needing space and not loading the game, but even after I deleted enough to play, the game still filled up my memory again after five seconds.

Also, some suggestions are better inventory because of all the tools/magic, less grinding since it's monotonous, better armor to deal with the dragons, fix the lag if possible, and also maybe turn down the music? (my Flash volume is on 1 and it's full blast, ear-shatteringly loud)

Maxiecole responds:

Hey, thanks for the detailed review:)
I can't seem to replicate the bug you've describing with the weird saving except for the rearranged inventory. I will look into that.
Maybe the memory space being low has something to do with the wonky save states.
What exactly is my game filling up? Could you screenshot the warning you get?
What kind of lag are you experiencing? What browser are you using?
I'd appreciate a PM with a screenshot or something:)