Reviews for "In Space"

Very nicely made Things feel slightly shallow for the depth of the story, but I realize adding depth and details, would be a lot of work, and would make it a much bigger game. I looked for a restart button to play the other endings but found none. Is there one? imo, everything should be in-game, restart button and the mention of several endings, out-game descriptions shouldn't be relied on. Anyway GJ, thanks for sharing! :)

@Kenneth99: I thought the same thing until I figured it out: If you don't see an arrow, it means there's something to do. In the lounge, there's something to pick up.

Wonderful game!

For those with Lounge Trouble, look at the cards closely.

For those with Repair Trouble, Look at the edges of the pieces.

How do you get the third ending?

That one is astronomically cool! Design, keys, crew members, and just more cool and this looks very realistic and nice! Also I like the plot: this is just making gameplay more cooler! I also like there is 3 endings here! And this just spice things up! Also: there is cool puzzles! That ones are simple and fun! Sci-fi is very good genre for you! Keep it up!

Excellent game, easy to play and understand, I liked the 3 different endings! Thank you!