Reviews for "In Space"

Seems ok but game stuck one I went in the red-keycard room.

That one is astronomically cool! Design, keys, crew members, and just more cool and this looks very realistic and nice! Also I like the plot: this is just making gameplay more cooler! I also like there is 3 endings here! And this just spice things up! Also: there is cool puzzles! That ones are simple and fun! Sci-fi is very good genre for you! Keep it up!

Wow, I loved this one! Very atmospheric, nice art & music, and for some reason, exactly the kind of puzzles my brain enjoys solving. I got Tragedy lol, but at least I guessed right & I get to play it again ;)

Well, it was fun an interesting up until that god-awful repair minigame, and then I gave up, because it gives you absolutely zero instructions and just says "wrong" no matter what with zero explanation. But it was kinda pretty, I guess.

Very fun! So fun in fact that I spent quite a bit of time getting all achievements (with no walkthroughs of course.) Ill give this a 4/5 for making me want to play it for a long period of time! And I don't even like point and click adventures!