Reviews for "In Space"

So... there were no happy endings to this story. :/ No matter who you blame, how fast you do things or where you go between events... it was a pretty tense little game, not too much to explore or figure out, but enough for a little trial and error and a few replays for the different endings. Challenge feels balanced, and the atmosphere is pretty eerie, though I wish the different choices you make could've had a bigger impact. Good game overall.


Will humankind never slow down the pace of its lifestyle?

And how do you choose between a russian pilot and an american commander? Thank Dev people's nationality isn't something needed to be taken as paremeter everytime...

Fun for a while, not very replayable though.

Was a pretty chill and interesting game. Played it 3 times.

Very enjoyable. To everyone who was stuck on the circuit, look around the edges of the blocks you place. There are markings that you need to align to the edges so that it makes a horseshoe shape