Reviews for "In Space"

So... there were no happy endings to this story. :/ No matter who you blame, how fast you do things or where you go between events... it was a pretty tense little game, not too much to explore or figure out, but enough for a little trial and error and a few replays for the different endings. Challenge feels balanced, and the atmosphere is pretty eerie, though I wish the different choices you make could've had a bigger impact. Good game overall.


Good game! Though I wish a saboteur had somewhat stronger motivation (after all, crew members should have been tested thoroughly), it's still interesting to play and try different options.

wow quite a good game it felt like one of the dont escape games the one in space but before everything went sideways

This 4-day adventure starts from getting to know everyone and ends up in a disaster. Having said that, I enjoyed playing this game. Not sure if presenting a profile of each crew member is useful.

Very fun! So fun in fact that I spent quite a bit of time getting all achievements (with no walkthroughs of course.) Ill give this a 4/5 for making me want to play it for a long period of time! And I don't even like point and click adventures!