Reviews for "In Space"

Very nicely made Things feel slightly shallow for the depth of the story, but I realize adding depth and details, would be a lot of work, and would make it a much bigger game. I looked for a restart button to play the other endings but found none. Is there one? imo, everything should be in-game, restart button and the mention of several endings, out-game descriptions shouldn't be relied on. Anyway GJ, thanks for sharing! :)

@Kenneth99: I thought the same thing until I figured it out: If you don't see an arrow, it means there's something to do. In the lounge, there's something to pick up.

nice game and great story!

game nice :) and fun

Oh man oh man oh man, how do I write a review without fanboying too much here?

This has gone right up into my list of favourite point and click games! The premise is great, the puzzles are balanced just right, the characters are awesome, everything works so darn well. I got really connected to the characters even though we don't spend much time with them at all.

I found myself playing through again just to find all the secrets too, just need to get one more ending and I'm done!

Anywho, I did a playthrough, but I would suggest playing the game through yourselves before diving into my weird world of YT videos. THIS GAME IS SO GOOD! Can't wait to see what you do next =)


RunningZombie responds:

Thanks for the review! You even made a playthrough, cool! I found your playthrough very entertaining, how you had theories and responded to each character. The way you reacted to the events that took place in the game are the exact reactions that I had hoped for!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again!

Enjoying it very much but do wish you'd include a "Save" option in your games. I gotta goto bed in 10 mins, and so I guess I gotta leave the game running all night and then morning til I'm free to play again.