Reviews for "In Space"

While I'm not into point and click adventure games, this was pretty fun. I love the atmosphere this game creates. The sound or lack of works so well. I especially like how I was able to find the first log. It's pretty simple. I went through the green door and looked under the first metal part.

Yeah, I don't know what those things are called. Sue me. It was cool how you even got to look outside. It's just a really nice image. The graphics are so quaint.

Stuck in the lounge, please fix.

I got all of the medals. This game feels a little bit short. The characters each only had a few lines, so they felt like a blip before the game ended. The atmosphere was great, though- very suspenseful. I knew who the saboteur was from the start, but I liked how it wasn't conclusively confirmed until the very end. Also, why was the plant lady all bloody if there was just a fire. Fire doesn't make you bleed. I didn't appreciate the pixel hunting. Repair puzzle- it was hard to see the "hint" on my monitor. Once I saw it, the puzzle became very easy. Good story.

Repair wrong :(

Dude, this is clearly a COPY of Space Paws (the adult video game also posted on NG)
The whole environtment, the plot (crisis of natural resources...), cryogenic room, sprouts room, even the chair of the library! C'mon, many artist take references from other games, pics...but what you did there is way too much.
I'm not saying it's a bad game, just a fraud.

RunningZombie responds:

I'm not familiar with the game you're referencing but the inspiration for this
game is from the film "Sunshine" directed by Danny Boyle. Essentially a team of astronauts are sent on a mission to save Earth. I gravitated to the idea that, even as difficult as the mission was, it was the astronauts themselves that caused the destruction.

Another inspiration was from the movie Moon. Sci-fi has always been my favourite genre.

The similarities you mention are what every space ship has. How would the crew members survive in space without plants to create oxygen? This was heavily inspired from "Sunshine", as in the movie the plants are destroyed.

What are they supposed to do while in space? Just sit there and play with their thumbs? They can hang out in the Lounge of course(not a library).