Reviews for "My Childhood Nightmare"

So is this a nightmare that you used to have back in the day?
Well I guess that all kids had "this" one nightmare that used to scare us, for me it would be that I would be locked in a car alone and the car just drives it self to god knows where and the doors are locked and I set there thinking where am I going and what will happen to me (I was around 4 years old or less).

Anyways as for the video, I quite like the clay style which gives a creepy feeling plus the slow build up which give tension to the scene. But my main issue is that I didn't understand it 100% (thats why I gave it 4) but I assume since it is a nightmare so it can't be very clear.

I hope that you will make more great content, looking forward for it so keep up the good work <3

You know what-- I am proud of you. I don't know who you are but for the first time in a lot of years, you got me to actually like something on the front page. It's been a long time and I love it.

Mind sure plays a lot of things with us, right?

This is the sort of nightmare I used to have as a kid. You've made some very good use of your media to capture the likeness of a genuine nightmare. Very impressive.

I'm writing this live!
ok baby with a ball,and creepy pepole,nothing scary,but this crackling noise uhhh
ok they staring at him,creepy, and some music?
no baby! don't go there!
why is his parents looking at him,stop!!!
some kind of dead fish head?
MY GOD,these noises are creepy :V

I think that animation is great!
but scary!!

djavh responds:

Thanks for your comment. Because it is live, I can see that you missed, as I guess, a lot of people did, something on the other side of the window in the last shot. Just saying... :D