Reviews for "My Childhood Nightmare"

That is one creppy dream to have a kid, I can't even remember what I did at that time, even less dreams, still very eerie, and the music made it even better.

I it and I like the idea of what you fear what's in the dark . but , I'm not sure every one can watch this ?

I really liked it, but was hoping for a half an hr make of a nightmare. I'm really into Spirituality, and Meditation, whatnot. I do REM sleep and deep thought, you get what I mean.

Helped one person with what he thought was a failed dmt trip when I never took any at that time, and told him it was a good trip. He said, "I was failing into a big hole full of snakes, and they didn't just bite me with their fangs, but bit right through me like I was butter. Every one of the bites hurt all the way till I was gone! Every bit. I was facing sooo many different emotions and only the bad side even love. Felt like heart brake. It was horrible!"

So I explained what the stuff does, how good what happened was, and to stop calling it that. What it does is two things of extreme opposite like introvert & extrovert. knocks you out to the point of a coma and your out. The coma level meditation takes a long time of focus and dedication with out aid to achieve. Its not the highest form of meditation but its high up their. This is the side of The Ying Yang thats will or introvert to a extreme. The ego or extrovert side is that your heart beat speeds hell'a up. And your thoughts speed up as well to the point you realize this is why you have sooo many dreams in one night, but your not dreaming so you just realize it, you see it so clear. However just like a dream you have so many metaphors that you view. So it might be talked by others as if your tripping, but no. Your communicating with you self to other.

Then I told him about his dream asked if he wanted to face his problems in his life his BARRIERS, and he was using this stuff to do that? He said, "well yes, but not to be eaten by snakes. WTF!" I laughed and said, "its like one of those dream metaphor things. If your problems were easy to face you wouldn't need this alkaloids or crystals help. You'd just think it and be done with your problems with like a hr tops thinking. So yes your problems are like that failing into a big hole and and being eaten alive by snakes. I can even go deeper with it if you let me."

He said, "go ahead." (Me), "You said you where there all the way till your body was gone. So your eyes were last, right. Then you where flying right above the pit of snakes, right. Then you could view and face each one of your problems that was the amount of your whole body of the size of the snakes mouth. If I could guess and say your emotions were so many things of different things going into different ways in all the bad ways like nothings going your way. Even your love you said. That's a big metaphor for your love life, and how not even a little good came out of them. Right?"

His eyes were wide open, jaw on the ground with a so far gone look on his face that he was drooling. (me), "Hey come back." I was waving my hand, took a few seconds of waving. (Him), "your right." (me). "Of all of it?" (Him). "Yes!" (me), "So you never got to have even one good relationship with a lady out there. Did you at least get to have sex?" (him), "Nope, and yes to sex, but no too because it wasn't the way I wanted it. (me). "OUCH!" (him). "RIGHT! She asked first. I said NO! Then she did it to me in my sleep! I woke up smelling like shit and hurting. I got mad at her. She said, "what? I have it on tape you enjoyed yourself." I grabbed her by her hair for drugging me, she could've killed me and said look hes letting me, hes enjoying it, and I Throw her out of my apartment, and then throw her shit out the window."

(Me), "damn, old school man. Well there you go. Your life is really like a big whole full of snakes that are eating you alive. That sucks man." AGAIN, his eyes popped open jaw on the ground. I said, "dude, go home get comfy in your bed play some calming music and think of all the different snakes with the emotions in them remember where they came from and how they still relate today. Don't take any crystals till you do this, ok." (him), "so after?" (me). "Right."

3 days later, I saw him again. He asked. "Who are you?" (me). "So you faced your problems huh." (him). With a big smile on hes face. "Yes." (me). "Wait, your seeing someone too?" (him). "Yes, its the girl that sold me the crystals. I asked to go out with a decent lady for once with nothing but going out in mind. She said, "ok." It felt so good. We talked sooo much. Shes why I didn't come by the next day to talk to you." He was still smiling. (Me), "So you even got laid." (Him). "We are going steady, yes." Still smiling. "She was selling this stuff because of what she want through, and she really wanted to help someone out there like her. She was sooo happy too hear what I had to say we hit it off." (Me). "That's nice."

(Me). "So what was your last trip like." (Him). "I talked to someone. This person told me how to face my problems." (Me). "Oh, that's cool. Can you relate this person to anyone in real life or fantasy or is he just the wise man of the mountain?" (Him). "Yes, something like that. He was you." (Me). I was surprised smiling. "I know what I would say, but I'm not going to feed, tell me instead." (Him). "Well, he said to let it all go. Its in the past. Your here now, and in no pain. Move on into the future." (Me). I cut in at that point and said, "Exactly, Your wasting your energy on the past leaving you both full and empty inside. Fooling yourself your full and starving yourself of your future. You need to let go to move forward with new energy. Don't forget the past but learn from. Know whats down that path and tell yourself I already know what that's like, and I don't care too go down it anymore. "The man I was talking to had just got goosebumps on his arms, neck, and face, and said, (Him). "Its really you, your real! Your a real help. Thank you." (Me). "I guess that thoughts universal."

Not saying that I'm going to help in all moments. But back to what you did. Like I said, "Nice piece." Like how you made a VHS vibe with it, and putting that tape noise in the back ground. And I would of liked it if it had repeats in it to add more time. Like the whole thing first on its own. Then the second time he knocked the ball, the child (you) goes to the old folks (not talking) but gives hand gestures with the thought of talking, and the old folks making a hand gesture to the tv, and with the severed head in the water, and shrugging their shoulders like saying, 'so what of your problem, and another hand gesture like shoo go away. Then the child (you) goes to the door again and gets grabbed again with only the old folks going, shoo go away. Then repeat again. This time the child (you) going to the big table with the older parents and friend like folks. Hand gesture again. These folks pointing telling the kid (you) to go to the door now. (of course no words) The kid (you) shaking his head no, not again. The older old folks get up from the couch and comes at the kid (you). The kid (you) shakes hes head like "I wasn't talking too you." (still no words) everyone gets up and gently pushes this poor child (you) to the door, and the parent like folks waving byby, and the older old folks shooing, right out side the door as your dragged away.

Sooo now if I want to go psychologically deep then creepy deep after that. I believe in what meditation can do. The deeper you can go as bad as you can think. What you'll remember is, its never as bad as you imagined it. So don't read the next part if you don't want to go deep or imagine deeper. What happened to this poor child (you) behind the door. He (monster) was treated the poor child (you) like a she and rapped the poor child (you) badly almost to death, but was still killed. By way of the mouth. He (monster) was trying to clean the lower thing off of the shit and just smothered the poor child (you) to death. Now Creepy deeper. It all really happened and your mind was erased (which can be done nowadays. Even our medical is alot better too. But no one seems to know. Except those with a brain. Again this is to use to go deep. Crazy level deep yes, but deep) The old folks, the parents, the friends don't care. Good luck figuring it out man. Could be an uncle just messing with you, and it was just in a dark place. That put a bad thought in Your head.

Meditations Nifty Trick though if it wasn't that. It was something horrible. You can make that nicer memory your new memory and replace the bad one and just let go of the bad one : ) I'm only sharing this much because I am trying to help other spiritual people out there. And you gave a hint. Its the age you remember. Most average people only really remember 10 and older years. They'll ask their parents something like. "Why do you have these old baby toys right now if I was an only child." And the parents will say. "You used to play with that when you were 5." Most of the average people would say. "No I didn't." Even try and throw it away because they can't remember (too much ego), and just call their parents too old too remember anything. I remember being a 0 year old. And my years growing up also weirding out my mom. She was surprised of my detailed memory. She helped on somethings I'm not perfect but close enough to be weird to the average guy.

Well. Take care man.

Incredible. Nice wallpaper. How did you make that?

djavh responds:

I drew several segments of it, copy pasted to make a pattern, photoshopped everything a little bit and printed this creation with a printer :)

i was just about to go to sleep...