Reviews for "My Childhood Nightmare"

Love it, so creepy! Also it depicts the innermost fear of a child to be around uncaring, indifferent adults. Are those grown ups people you know/knew?

djavh responds:

Thanks, man. Glad you liked it. Well, the scene is at my grandparents house, they are sitting on the sofa. The people at the table are some sort of relatives.

The set work is great, I think it was the best aspect of this. I noticed there wasn't a lot of character animation, most of it was still shots of characters' blank stares which added to the unsettlingness of it. But it did tell a story, and I think that's overall better than just having good animation.

I stopped being able to have dreams. all i do is close my eyes, and somehow wake up the next day, knowing time passed but unable to trace back what happened in that time. that nagging feeling that you're forgetting something important even though every thought of it fas faded into oblivion, never to be traced back. and everytime i do remember something, it's always distorted or warped and skipping over things, like i'm on acid to LSD without any of the feeling. and the worst part, sometimes i can't tell i'm sleeping and loose the ability to tell dream and reality. it's only when i shock myself back to awake that i realized that i was in a dream and then i can't even remember that i was dreaming about. and i fear overtime this happens because i'm scared i'll either do something stupid thinking it's a dream and get myself killed or one day shock myself so badly have a heart attack.

and that's the worst feeling for me.

Nightmares from my childhood haunt me still.

Wow...That was terrifying. I never had the same Nightmare several times but one thing that always happened to me in Nightmares was me being unable to talk. And to make things worse this happened to me in real life aswell one day. Not shure why but I once woke up at night and I just couldn't talk at all for a while(boy was I panicing when this happened).