Reviews for "My Childhood Nightmare"

Now thats a nightmare!

Also great use of Claymation dont get that a lot around here

Good god this was depressing as hell. As unpleasant as this was to watch, you conveyed a really powerful feeling of discomfort, boredom and fear which isn't an easy thing to do. Well done! :O

holy shit good thing we grow up 0.0

It's rare to see a claymation on Newgrounds. Although the animation consits of a few scenes with occasional animation, the photos are sharp and overral pretty to look at.

What impresses me the most about this is how you manage to create that dream / nightmare feel that is otherwise very challenging to capture in animation and art in general. Well done!

Curious to know how you created the sound effects in the last couple of scenes, where the child is pulled into the doorway, and right before the face pops up outside the window etc.? They're really freaky and good

djavh responds:

Thank you for a nice comment. The sound is a mixture of number stations, vhs sound effects, static noises and screams of fighting cats