Reviews for "My Childhood Nightmare"

Very eerie and ooh so freaky! The claymation makes it even better, and kicks up the eerie factor 10 fold!

Now that w as a pretty eerie dreamy! More so the parts with all the people looking than the part about getting dragged into the darkness. It's the smallest and most familiar things, I suppose. Wonder how much of this is really exactly as it was in the dream too: the pictures on the walls? Wallpapers on the walls? The door handle slightly twitching as you crawl out of the room to fetch the ball? Overall really nicely done! Smooth claymation/stopmotion, and more so you really build up the mood.


Really well made. I can probably relate as I have had similar nightmares too.

This is absolutely wonderful.
I love the amount of detail that is taken into consideration in every shot.
Extremely well done and very horrifying...

im a big fan of claymations, and this one as well brightens my day ironically XD its a slowly dying art that eventually may cease to be used. The story was quite interesting and the effects of the fuzzed screen definitely caught my attention and made me want to see what would happen! into the third slot for my monthly vote for you ;P

djavh responds:

Thanks, man. Really appreciated :)