Reviews for "My Childhood Nightmare"


Wow dude.
Like, wow.

claymation was really good and the atmosphere was very eerie and my biggest fear is the same, i'd have a dream where a monster or something would be chasing me and then later in it it'd get me and someone like my mom or my sister would be there and i'd try to scream for help but i'd be completely silent and then they would leave and i'd wake up.

sorry for blabbering so much i just like talking about my dreams

10/10 movie.

djavh responds:

Thank You for a nice comment. It would be interesting to know what did you think about my new adapted nightmare "The worst bad dream"

This was f***ing creepy! David Lynch vibes! Good work, wanna see more!

well i had a dream so damn realistick ( mora( mora if u know is a legends about a shadow monster that kils u in u sleep or terifyng u to death or making realisticks dream)is a bitch man ) i was on my room watching jacksepticeye ( the facking creepy part is this episode was aired on youtube it was fran bow firts episode) and after 2 hourss in 3 o'clock a freaking face apear on the bed and was like strangling me with shadow hand i feeling the pain and i was trying to scream a litle sound was heard from my voice and thank god i woke up since that is never happen to me somethink like that ... so yes guys careful u dreams sometime is very reeal i still scared