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Reviews for "Sanguine 2"

The art and audio are great.

The handling is really bad. The slippery slidy stuff makes it very unenjoyable to move around.

i love the game but im getting stuck with the keys and doors i dont exactly know where all the places are to enter so i think im missing 1 key on the first world i think

I am very pleased to play this. I played the first game a looong time ago... didn't even remember - yes, I played the first one (elsewhere) after this came out. Then I remembered what was this about.

I pity those reviewing the game based solely on the controls, without ever playing the 1st game - It isn't called sanguine TWO for no reason. It is a big improvement from the first game, although it is a bit sticky. It won't make the game unplayable, far from that, so I don't consider it broken - only the delays bother me.

I really enjoyed the game interface and aesthetics, sfx/bgm are both ok.

Some stuff, however, are still issues imho:

- Enemy AI: They can now lose our marks when we flee, unlike the 1st game. However, their projectiles still ignore collision from walls.
- Chain: It needs better working. It's so short that it makes no sense to spin it for almost a second (if not more) to send it. As a personal tip: Make it instant, without tinkering with the range.
- Combat: No need for button to abduct is great, as it was really pointless. Aerial strikes, absent from the 1st game, are poorly worked - Too much delay, that is.

Overall, a very good and peculiar game, that would be much more intense without so much delays. Consider taking this advice, I believe I'm not alone on this. :)

Pretty good, but it needs a walkthrough for those who will never solve the word puzzle, like me.

I don't like giving low reviews, but unfortunately, this game merits it. This needed more player testing before being released. The tutorials in this game are short to non-existent.

Navigating through platforms can be very difficult at times. The jump is too low, wall jumps are never taught so you gain practice without getting yourself killed, and the chain is both too short and slow. That last part makes it easy to regularly fail at climbing, and sometimes die.

I was shocked the chain couldn't even be used in combat. Since there are no dodges or defensive moves, you have to get close to enemies, with a strike that's a little slow, especially the aerial strike which doesn't allow you to strike upward.

Some features were literally not explained at all. Such as when you reach certain statues, and it's not told what even those are. At one statue you're hold down shift, which is defined as "special," but what's its purpose?

Finally, the complete lack of story. Without reading the creator's description, you wouldn't even know the name of the character you're playing as.

I give it the stars I do for the ability to create and animate this game. But to summarize:

1) more comprehensive tutorial

2) player-test before releasing next major update

3) update the controls, such as faster strikes, and higher jumps

4) explain the lore of the game

5) add more dialogue so there's a story to the game