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Reviews for "Sanguine 2"


this is one of the most competently made games I've seen for a long time on this site.
all the neat ideas thrown into this game are decently executed and work perfectly with the excellent level design. the music is catchy and atmospheric, the graphics are nicely pixelated and everything here gives that old NES vibe to the game, and that is really impressive since this is your first game. But the controls need a bit of polishing. every movement has a slight delay and that makes using the sword more annoying, the grappling hook nearly impossible and stopping in place on very small platform mostly results into dead. these are problems that really sour up an otherwise phenomenal.
but you did a fantastic job nonetheless.

Really awesome, enjoying it so far ;P There's a lot to improve on, (It's a little too floaty, the air attack is super slow and the chain mecanics... eh- I tried to avoid the chain- it feels like it should be a near instant thing, at the moment you need to press it almost as soon as you left the ground xD

Still have yet to complete the game- stuck on the word puzzle in the mansion- I'm not the best at these kind of puzzles- pale... bites... doesn't talk but whispers... 5 letters- ah- I'll get through it eventually- using brute force or waiting for a guide xD

RayBeckham responds:

Not whispers, they whistle! They're under your eyes but you can't see them. I'm serious when I say they bite! Some are pointy, others are flat.

It's good but it's so glitchy like you can walk through walls, the disapearing enemies.
Please fix this bug.

It has potential but the sword (and hook) mechanics are slow and unwieldy. Plus, whenever you jump attack, you stab the floor and get stuck. The platforming is sub-par (not bad but not good either).

Being a sequel, I don't know why I'm playing a vampire with a red face and there's no story except for a one line cutscene.

Enemies respawn and in a lot of places, in bad positions.

The graphics are nice and the colouring add nicely to the atmosphere. Music is fine.

I just got upset trying to play this after a short while and hope the developer is open to criticism.