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Reviews for "Sanguine 2"

Can any one help me with the riddle at the hunted mansion.
i think it is ghost but its not working for some. I tried a bunch of other words like: death, sight, night, I even tried to write trash but still nothing is working.

loved the game, especially the music! the only thing that really bothers me is how they can shoot through the ground and if im not even showing myself, they see me and kill me

Great game ! Very challenging, a bit frustrating sometimes, but there's always a way to get through. I had a lot of trouble with the air attack, but I found the chain very fun. You can even climb on a single wall by jumping / chaining, and it often saves your life.
The main difficulty, as for me, was the two axe throwers. I spent dozens of lives trying to pass, until I read your hint to jump AND crouch over their head. It was much more easy then. Oh, there was also the level that is isolated on its floating-in-the-void island, but you can go there through the underworld. And the sort of factory level just above the one with the black sun, where the hidden passages were hard to find. This was the last key I found, before that I just thought this was an useless level.
But hell, I'm stuck. I beat the 3 bosses, got the 15 keys, but I can't go back to the 15keys door, even if I know the way. Are you supposed to kill the dragon on world 2 first ? I tried, but when you hit his head, nothing happens. But maybe it's just a silly idea...

why are the controls so laggy? is it the game or my computer?

You've gotten a lot of good criticism and most of the stuff I was going to talk about has already been said.
I feel like this game has a lot of potential and parts of it are genuinely fun to play. However, issues with the game's "feel" are what drag it down.
The fact that the character slides a little bit before stopping is incredibly frustrating during precise platforming. It wouldn't be so bad, but the level design mandates perfectly timed jumps onto 1 tile wide platforms, and it's nothing but frustrating to try to do that when you slide off the edge every time.
I like the mechanic where you catch on ledges, but I might consider making it automatic. I got used to having to press a button to grab the edge, but it's kind of a convention for that to happen automatically regardless of player input.
The hook is really difficult to use and requires near perfect timing. Irritating, but maybe that's what you were going for.
I might just be missing the tutorial statue that tells you how the upwards blowing wind works, but it took me forever to figure out that you had to hold jump to keep floating upwards. I lost nearly twenty lives just trying to get through those jumps.
I get it if you're looking to make a challenging game, and I respect that. I enjoy games that offer up a player a more "hardcore" difficulty level. However, if a game is difficult because the controls get in the way, that's just infuriating to the player and not remotely fun.
All this being said, I can tell there's been a lot of work, time, and polish put into this game. It really does seem like a worthwhile project, and I think that with a few tweaks it could be an incredible game. Great pixel art, great music and sound design, even great level design to boot. Just a few control fixes and things here and there can vastly improve this game.
(Also, I disagree with some of my fellow commenters, I kinda like that the axe takes some time to swing. It feels heavy and satisfying to use, and it force me to actually think about what I'm going to do in advance. I think it would be even better if it were possible to hold down the button to hold your attack, and have it swing on release)