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Reviews for "Sanguine 2"

That was a fine game. It did take me a while to master the controls, but maybe that's the point of the game. I've noticed that a lot of gamers, mostly youtubers, would deliberately ignore the tutorial or skip practice just to get into the actual game play because they were "already a professional." The way I see it, they are not a professional unless they are playing a game that they have had prior experience and are familiar with. Playing a game they are not familiar with just means that they are new to the game, regardless of how skilled they think they are. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

But yeah. Thank you for sharing this game. Please do continue to make more games like this in the future.

I saw your game

Fun game. Controls are fucking terrible. WAY too loose.

Great idea it's just the controls.

The core of a decent platformer is having amazing controls and then applying them to a difficult stage layout. This game has extremely sub par controls, and introduces its challenge by making a stage that shouldn't from a layout perspective be incredibly challenging, but is damn near impossible due to the incredibly lacking control scheme. That is not how you make a good platformer. 1.5 stars for decent pixel art and background setting, but the control scheme makes this pretty much unplayable, so that doesn't really carry much weight.