Reviews for "Every Man's Refund"

as annoying as the original. A bilion time faster than the original. as blatantly obnoxious as the original.

Why you call a 2D clone as if it was a parody? If anything, this is an improvement.

Skudge responds:

hahaha thank you, currently waiting for hello games to sue me :^)

is it actually possible to recharge ftl drive an make a 1v space card or is that also programmed in on the go if you had time ;). Overall cute little game which by the looks of the secret medals below has a lot to offer but Im getting more and more in doubt as to whether imletting my self grt trolled.

Skudge responds:

Thanks! It is possible to get all the medals, make FTL fuel, and craft the space pass v1.


you get the blueprints from going to space stations and talking to the alien at the top

Best troll game since Hunger Games. GOTY. Tenouttaten!

Skudge responds:

Thanks! Means a lot!

I'm not sure if I haven't figured out how to recharge my mining laser or ship's thrusters properly, or if you did that on purpose because this game is a parody that trolls people.

Either way, it was fun for a bit!

Skudge responds:

Just open your inventory and hold E over the thing you want to charge, then hold E over whatever resource you want to charge it with. A couple of things can only be charged with certain resources.

Interesting parody game!

It is repetitive and becomes mindless, but this is a No Man's Sky parody after all. The funny little commentary made me chuckle a few times as did the names of the aliens I encountered.

Also, there is a bug when you are being attacked by the space police and you fly away in your ship. The hurt screen (flashing red) keeps flashing even though you are no longer being shot at directly.

Skudge responds:

Thanks for pointing that out! I've uploaded a fix. Glad you liked it.