Reviews for "Every Man's Refund"

I had the... *ahem* "chance" of trying out No Man's Sky at a friend (and not to fork 60 bucks for something that has less content than a lot of $5 game).

After one or two hours I had successfully seen all the game had to offer, and I didn't have much fun doing it.

Your game is pretty much spot on in parodying why the game feels so empty, slow, and simply not fun.
Every little thing that annoyed me in No Man's Sky I also found in your parody.

I commend you for showing both how relatively easy it is to replicate most of the gameplay in a 2D version with a lot less means that those of the official game, all the while proving the end result simply isn't fun.

*holds E for three hours to submit his review*

Skudge responds:

Glad you like it, thanks!

You made this too much like no mans buy =(

Skudge responds:

That's the idea ;)

Not quite sure how I feel about you not replicating the palpable frame rate inconsistencies, which are such a characteristic trait of the game's inspiration, but other than that the whole feel is pretty solid, too solid... eerily solid...

Of course it gets 5 stars.

Skudge responds:

Doh, I should have made it run at 10 fps while on a planet. Missed opportunity.

Hahaha I get it bro, the "GOOD JOB" is really meant to block your whole screen It's entertaining at first but it just gets annoying as you progress in the game, Nice job tho really like it!

Skudge responds:

Thanks a lot!

Actually, the idea looked pretty neat. Then I realized, this must be a parody of "No man's buy", as it is just as annoying. The achievement stars block your sight for way too much time (like most announcements, e.g. intro, etc.), you're just left alone without instructions (I was on a star, didn't know how to mine or survive, died, was in a spaceship, flew to a star, didn't know how to land, quit).

I did like the idea, but not the result.

Skudge responds: