Reviews for "Every Man's Refund"

That long ass intentional intro sold me. Thank god for steam refunds

Skudge responds:


I will buy this game.

Skudge responds:

Thanks, you really don't have to tho

The ultimate parody. The minerals even dissapear when I get close to them.

Skudge responds:

Thanks hahaha

It not a bad game as far as being something Similar to like Terraria in the ways of crafting and survival. I hope you will continue to keep building with it and make it even better. A few things I'd suggest:

-Save Option
-Improve the Life Support Meter. I feel like it runs down too quickly, maybe have some upgrades that slow the depletion
-Healing Items. A way to restore HP instead of finding aliens to heal you. Maybe after you fix your ship you can return to it to refuel your HP, Life support, and weapon charges.
-A few more Starting Inventory Slots. I know you can find upgrades, but feel like what i got at the start is a bit too little to begin with.
-Item stacking. The elements stack but not other stuff like Iron plates and other loot items

Skudge responds:

I captured the experience of no mans sky pretty well then! :) I'll update it, but you'll have to buy it as dlc :^)

As a parody, it is well done. It embodies the weakness of the NMS execution as the "shallowness" of the playing experience most people had, and for that, it deserves 5 stars. I don't think anyone will disagree in this particular point, the game does his job very well, starting with the well-though name and going over the time of release.

Contrary to other people, I don't care that you didn't polish or add stuff, timing is important - What if Deus Ex guys waited till the WTC tragedy to release their game? If you waited more, no one would even remember NMS and would just think you made an horrible game (which is somewhat fair, since you intend to make a parody of ANOTHER horrible game, so it's intentional. An intentional failure is NOT a real one, since you accomplished what you always intended to do!).

Therefore I don't think there's a lack of polishment, and therefore it would not be fair to take out stars based on this. The pixelated graphics are just fine. Sound is fine too, no issues. The loading time is too long - Do you have it as part of the parody?

Now for the bad part. I hate NMS and all the hype, and that hate extends to everyhing related to NMS too. That includes parodies, parodies makers and those who review stuff about NMS/NMS related stuff. This means I hate your game, you, and myself (since just now I realized that I'm reviewing NMS related stuff). I will put this hate into practice by giving your game 0 stars without any reason. that's it. ZERO stars for your game.

Since it awarded 5 stars as an outstanding parody, but 0 stars as a game, I believe an average value (2,5 or even 3) is fair enough. I'll give you 3, you're above average.

Skudge responds:

Hey, thanks! Glad you like it. Sorry I made you hate yourself lol. Thanks for the awesome review. And yeah the long loading is intentional and totally fake.