Reviews for "Every Man's Refund"

Interesting game

This was a nice game I love the somewhat story behind this but the mechanics of searching and learning as you explore is fun, the gameplay and mechanics are nice and smooth, I had fun with this game while it was a tad slow the whole idea was fun and loved the searching element about it all, so nice game here.

No changes it was really fun game that you have made.


Fun but also kinda aggravating game. However, the medals wouldn't unlock for me even though I got them in the game.

This game is just amazing!

I like the feature where if I leave the game it pauses so I can't multitask making me waste all my time on it. Fuck this game. Not YOUR game, but, you know, "this" game.

this is really good and i loved but cant u allow people to save their game because the last time i play it you cant save your game and i like it because you can travel to other planet and it has survive and and i love survival and the game is good