Reviews for "Idle Game Dev"

I tend to like this types of games because once you get them started it's soooo hard to let them go.

I would recommend to who ever is currently trying to play, sell first 100 games then sell company. After that the game will go pretty fast then do again sell first 200 games and sell company. Once you done this to this point you will notice an increase on speed that games are made.

Very fun in my opinion, great job!

lol this is much like AdVenture Capitalist

The game is really addictive and the names of the games you are coding are pretty funny.

Not bad, pretty original. Didn't like having to click all the time.

Well, this game wasn't so bad. It's just a whole lot of clicking. That's it. All you do is CLICK. That is the gameplay.

Other things that might be good? Well, the game titles can be pretty funny. Too high to remember any of them though. Made a whole lotta porn. I do remember that.

As you play, the time it takes to make a game decreases. You get more and more money, and can buy more and more upgrades, like graphical upgrades. The progression is what makes it a bit addicting. When I quit playing because I felt like the game was only good for wearing out my mouse, I had like level 17 graphics. Not sure what THAT would look like.

To conclude this review, I will say a little something: I don't think the game has a happy ending--the incredible rate at which you can develop games after upgrading can mean only one thing: you're programming shovelware.