Reviews for "Idle Game Dev"

Couldn't get any guru's for some reason, made it to 200 games and would only turn in for 0.

a good time waster. however the game gets boring after some time, and i just leave the tab open and go do something else. some more action or places would be cool. also, some music to fit in would make it less boring anyway, good game. 7/10

It's quite an entertaining time waster, however, I feel it would make better reviews as a mobile game. And add some sound effects, or music. Both would definitely improve the quality. Overall, kind of fun. :)

Perfect Idler game. I love the game names.

Great game, but here are some suggestions:
-I think you should add benefits for selling companies. The better the company you sell, the greater the benefit is.
-I think you should take back purchases
-Previous games gain you money for a longer period.
-An alert when your game goes off the market (goes with above)
-Leaderboard (name your company)