Reviews for "Idle Game Dev"

Well, this game wasn't so bad. It's just a whole lot of clicking. That's it. All you do is CLICK. That is the gameplay.

Other things that might be good? Well, the game titles can be pretty funny. Too high to remember any of them though. Made a whole lotta porn. I do remember that.

As you play, the time it takes to make a game decreases. You get more and more money, and can buy more and more upgrades, like graphical upgrades. The progression is what makes it a bit addicting. When I quit playing because I felt like the game was only good for wearing out my mouse, I had like level 17 graphics. Not sure what THAT would look like.

To conclude this review, I will say a little something: I don't think the game has a happy ending--the incredible rate at which you can develop games after upgrading can mean only one thing: you're programming shovelware.

the amazing rapist huh interesting games you've got us making dev

clicking fast dosent reeves it and I cant click fast like i usual do and I have to click every 3 seconds

Most of these idle games are so unoriginal

But god damn they always are addictive shit

I love the retro theme, i like the concept, the whole thing opens really strong. I really don't enjoy the mid/end-game, for me this was around 80 games, and i believe it's designed as the end but so far it's taken easily 5x as long as the opening.

One of my favorite things here is that there is a really fleshed-out, minimal GUI that just feels nice while you play. I like the handful of special FX, also. I didn't bother with sound until my review, but when i finally checked it out I was shocked there wasn't ANY. Still, not that big of a loss there.

The upgrades feel unbalanced at times, as though the game struggles to keep up. However, I like the option to "ascend" and sell the company in return for a "game guru", that's a neat idea, but unfortunately I doubt there will be much replay found here, but it is there if someone loved the game that much.

Out of 10....

GFX - 7.5 (serviceable and stylish)
SFX - 0 (None?!)
Design - 6.5 (full but dull)
Gameplay - 5 (loses steam quickly, nothing too fresh)

Overall, I wish I hadn't gotten sucked into it for as long as I did. It's fun if you have time to spare, but you know what they say about time being money, I reckon the average player might enjoy this, but more hardcore Players may wish to save their time.

Blobzone responds:

Hey, thanks for the insightful review. Well, i agree with you in all points.

The GUI (as in all my games) was what i am capable of. You see, im not a very good artist, so there was no real intention of making the GUI and FX in a special kind of way. Still glad you liked it.

To the game itself. Yes, you are basically true. There is not to much content, but as long there are people enjoying it, its fine.

To be honest the main purpose of making this game, was to create the fancy random game name function. Even makes me chuckle from time to time.

What i dont get. Why do so many people miss sounds? I mean its an idle game afterall and a lot of times when i have music in games people seem to be rather annoyed by my choice of songs. But nevermind. Next time i will add some fancy Justin Bieber song :3

Thanks for playing!