Reviews for "Idle Game Dev"

It is simple but it doesn't have player satisfaction. You click.. That is it. So really it could do better, like adding sound or making a story out of it with simple lines of texts..

Pretty neat concept for a clicker game, it's a tad boring with out sounds or music though, not sure if there's supposed to be any but I can't hear anything unless I save manually.

This game is fun! You should add a thing where you start off with a old computer then when you progress further you unlock newer computers!

The "sell x games" achievements don't seem to be working for me unless you're meant to sell that many of an individual game, in which case I have no idea how I'd get them.

Other than that, pretty basic if somewhat bare bones idle game.

Blobzone responds:

Just click on the medal icon and it should unlock.

The game is very fun but it seems hollow without the sound (SFX) and/or music. Overall the gameplay is good but the lack of audio ruins the game