Reviews for "Idle Game Dev"

"Adult Penis Simulator"

...Well, my work here is done.

i developed a game called explosive world war in space basically call of duty infinite warfare

This we can be more cool with music

Pretty good, graphics are low quality but work very well. Could've used some music though. But certainly worth playing.

One thing I'd change is how steep it gets once you're past ~50 games. It took me half a day of being idle to reach 100 from that point on. How would anyone develop 1000 games?

Blobzone responds:

Just reset the game after you have more than 100 games. You will get 1 Game Guru who will boost your sales. You will see the second time until 100 games is way faster.

It's a nice first time clicker.
Not a lot of content for the long run. There is nothing to strive for except getting the next guro.

I love the game titles. Best ones so far:
"Depressing Getto Simulation" - It would be, wouldn't it? :)
"Silly Ninja Olympics" - Oh, the pictures in my mind :D