Reviews for "Idle Game Dev"

Great game, but here are some suggestions:
-I think you should add benefits for selling companies. The better the company you sell, the greater the benefit is.
-I think you should take back purchases
-Previous games gain you money for a longer period.
-An alert when your game goes off the market (goes with above)
-Leaderboard (name your company)

would be nice to have a little warning on the reset button.. :S other than that, a pretty decent idle game :)

lol my game currently then majora 2001 is holy nazi extreme wtf and the previous game is birdwatching extreme wtf!!!!!!! 10 outa 10 !

Game is good just that put some music in there

I was going to say the best game was "Olympic Fucking Epidemic", but then the very next one was "Olympic Wheelchair Expert". 6/5 stars ign 10 outta 10