Reviews for "Idle Game Dev"

I developed a game called hot crossdressing punch out.

I really enjoy this game for some reason I can barely explain, I tried. I like it a lot and have made ~130 games so far. Something about trying to click as fast as possible and then seeing the lines of code fall from programmer work when you leave it alone is very satisfying!

Blobzone responds:

Yeah, thats exactly the reason i made it like that. Meditation!

Finally someone who understands me.

very good game for wasting time, that is the obgetive in this tipe of game, as everyone say music and sound effecs, even stock ones would do it, the game is hard when you want to do your 100 game, it turns realy hard, once everithing needs more than 5 millon for upagrading it, in the benggining is to easy, you should scale the dificulty better (sorry for the grammar, me dont engrish, i try to speak(write) at least)

i just left this app alone and suddenly I've got new achievements. Ok.

It's pretty boring, really. Like, I clicked, I got some programmers, and after the third or fourth game, I got enough money that I didn't need to click ever again. But there wasn't any real thrill to that. There was no goal to work toward, so I was just looking at my money piling up and feeling nothing.