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Reviews for "Apocashop"


This is amazing, definitely one of the best, funniest and the most original flash games I've ever played.

The text moves too slowly for me, but my only real complaint is that it's too short! It's so good and I could play this over and over again. I love how there's multiple storylines. Keep up the great work!!!

Short and fun game, some small flaws here and there but nothing takes away from the experience too much.

Save feature I doubt is necessary due to the length of the game, which has been a complaint by some other reviews.

Classic rebellion/law choices which is nice, and it even seems to have some random events going for it that appear at seperate playthroughs, unless I am mistaken.

When it comes to a choice of shop/time, would seem that going with just 1-2 item slots and time is most efficient due to no more than 2 items at once being in high demand. The anvil can create rest of the items which you then sell for small profit anyway.

There also seems to be some randomization with the hero of the day, which is nice, but the pictures of them seem to stay the same in next playthroughs (or repeat the day), so if you just memorize their looks, you don't even need to solve "riddles" afterwards. Maybe randomizing their looks would have helped.

Also not sure if some people just lacked eyes...? Might be a bug.

Also spotted the ending text clipping to the right of the screen so it could not be seen fully and text about dog being disappointed at the end of the day (despite rejecting it several ingame days ago.)

Best score I got was 3.3/4.0 at the end.

Lots of fun here. I found myself losing money more often if I used the 2nd item slot though, even when the game told me two items were in demand, it seldom seemed it.