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Reviews for "Apocashop"

got the 4/4 ending

king zoran makes you an official advisor.
someday you and jeff (the anvil) may rule this kingdom

doesnt sound bad to have a talking anvil as right handman

Excellent improvement on the original version.
Am very glad that the initial tax was decreased, it was way too high before

Someday, you and Jeff may rule even this kingdom.
While the mechanic of buying the item from Jeff is useful, if this is based on something like Lemonade Stand, then instead of getting that item for a cost, you wouldn't get it.
However, in my book, that's out ruled by the Dog.
Dog is love.
Dog is life.

Amazing. Like you mentioned, this game is indeed a lot like "Papers please".
5/5 would play again.

tried many times to see if there is an ending that rebellion breaks out and usurps the king.