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Reviews for "Apocashop"

Starts off pretty fun, looks as if it has a lot of potential. However the further in you get, the more tedious it gets. The game punishes you harshly for not solving tricky puzzles in the short amount of time you're given during the day.

In my judgement, the game turns more into a chore than an actual game that I'd play for fun. I feel that games like "Papers, please" pull this off better, giving more time and plausible reasons as to why things happen. The methods this game uses, such as increasing taxes, seem a bit contrived. This breaks the immersion, in a way. I can certainly see that Papers was one of the games that inspired this, though. Very similar in a way.

Good concept, execution could've been better.

This game is just special!

wish it was longer i like the story tho but it has a boring ending

Good Game, but a bit too short and simple, but I Liked it.

Keep it up it was a good game and i wished it lasted longer