Reviews for "Apocashop"

ive never played as a shopkeeper b4

I was very into it at first and even started over a couple times to do better when all of a sudden here comes the king! I'm like cool beans what happens next???? Nothing. It's over just like that. Very anti-climatic. Other than the shortness of it, I was entertained for a decent amount of time.

Great job, very original and fun :)
Shame it's so short :o

The game was very good for an early version. I hoped that the rebellion would have been able to dethrone the king, but I guess it was more likely that they wouldnt.
Dog was a great addition and a good way to make extra money if you were willing to put in a small amount.
The magic anvil was a great way to get supplies immediately, but wasn't very effective until you could upgrade your chance of getting a second offer.
The ways of figuring out who was the hero were clever and fun to work out.
The difficulty was just right for this game, if you don't offer correctly you pay the price. If you worked out how to make good offers you were set.
the only problem i had was the lag, but that was likely just my computer and its inability to handle it.
Overall I will give it a 4.5/5. Great game, great story, Great mechanics.

Really nice game. Dog is a well thought out, emotionally raw character and i can connect to her. Shes a good girl