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Reviews for "Apocashop"

wish it was a bit longer though.boring ending too.

really great game but im disappointed it has such an easily obtainable ending. I beat the game on my first try and got a perfect 4/4 on my second try...

you should make a survival version of the game and see how long you can last before you go out of business, if this game was like that instead, it would be an EASY five stars, i would even download a mobile app version to play it.

Theres no need to throw away your neat story line tho, just an option that says "would you like to continue?" afterwards. Just be careful that its not to easy to stay in business for ever tho.

Was just thinking 'Hell yes' and then NUUUU its over. Took roughly 20 minutes- would love to see more tho, really great game.

ive never played as a shopkeeper b4

I was very into it at first and even started over a couple times to do better when all of a sudden here comes the king! I'm like cool beans what happens next???? Nothing. It's over just like that. Very anti-climatic. Other than the shortness of it, I was entertained for a decent amount of time.