Reviews for "Riddle Transfer 2"

I only stopped believing it was a joke when I got half-way through, and even then I had my suspicions.

This is a supreme ending to the Riddle School series, Jonochrome. It feels like another Riddle School 5, connecting plot points left and right into something amazingly cohesive and oozing with personality. Not to mention, the sacrifice at the ending had me sniffling, and the credits got me to genuinely tear up (Though that was mainly over the series finally getting its deserved ending, as I've been with it since RS2). Over a flash game!

The humor is still brilliant. I think my favorite joke out of all of them is when Smiley reveals Phil always had better grades than her. Not only does it debunk the stereotype that you only enjoy school if you're good at it (And vice versa), but Phil's absolutely dumbfounded "WHAT?!" had me in stitches.

If I had to give some criticism, I think it'd be that the Phil/Smiley relationship seems a bit sudden. They did have some good friendship building in RT1, and this one had some more, but it still caught me a bit off-guard. But you know what they say: A story isn't good unless it has some love. (Also, does this mean Phred and Zack will end up getting together? I'm calling it right now. Phred and Zack. What's their ship name? Zed? Phrack?)

I do hope this is the last game of the Riddle School/Transfer series, as it feels like the perfect ending (Even more so than RS5), but heck, if you ever plan on making more, I would have no objections. And if you want to keep working on other things (Namely One Week at Flumpty's, which I'm excited for), that's great too! I'm just really happy you seem to be getting out new content in general.

Great work, Jonochrome. You've brought new life to the Point and Click genre once more with this stroke of absolute brilliance. Ten years on, that's a hell of a lot of amazing games, here's to the next ten years!

Thank you for finishing this series. I remember when I first found this series 8 years ago when I happened to type "Riddle" into the search bar. Despite being so simple on the outset, it grew into something much greater. I love your work. Again, thank you for giving this wonderful series closure.

A great conclusion to a great series.

With this being over, I'm glad you were able to tie up all loose ends. There is yet still part of me that wishes that you could have continued this series into his high school years and provide us with a whole new adventure. Never the less, the gamers and creators of newgrounds thank you for your amazing contribution. You and your work, I believe, will last forever as one the great.

An absolutely amazing conclusion to an absolutely amazing series of games. I cried at the end, seeing Phil smile for the first time.
I love the ending and the credits. It was just so fulfilling.
The only question on my mind is why Diz went to all the effort of helping Phil and his friends stop Viz, if he was going for the same result the whole time. The only thing I can think of is that he wanted to be in power.