Reviews for "Riddle Transfer 2"

It's been 3 years since your last game here, and more from the last Riddle entry, I'm glad I'm here todoy to see it finnished. I loved the game, it was great in all aspect, the puzzles were a little difficult but I love a challange. Hope to see you more games from you in the near future!

Wow I actually just got around to playing Riddle School 5 and Riddle Transfer yesterday since I never got to complete them and here comes the next one coincidentally the day after! I think you said that you didn't plan on finishing off the series which was understandable but a bit sad, so it's really great and appreciated that you finally did it! Was a fan from the first Riddle School and had fun playing all the games. I liked how you tied in the whole dream plot in the last one and its nice to be back in a school again (never thought I'd say that). Great ending and all the best JonBro, thanks for an awesome series!

As all have said, a FLAWLESS end to a great series (that started as a kindly homage to one of Fulp's classics, of course). I practically grew up (well... relatively speaking, lol) with the series and was one of the countless disappointed when you'd decided to can it a few years back.
This was EASILY (for me, anyway) the most difficult in the series - nothing really brain-wracking, but enough to keep me from being bored. Awesome, awesome, awesome!
Thank you for the closure - not just for the characters - but for myself... and good luck getting caught up on all the comments.lol

I give up. Couldn't figure out how to make coffee for the teacher lady or take down the lasers. You win!

I was really young when I first played through the riddle school series doods. Now, after all this time, I have completed the 5th one and the transfer series, and I feel really good about it doods.
Also, go Scott Cawthon doods! (BTW JonBro dood, you were lashing out at the guy who took negative reviews of his chipper game and made one of the most popular series of horror games to date. What did you expect was going to happen dood? XD)