Reviews for "Quotidian"

day 1
hey jim
day 2
whats up jim
day 3
nice pentagram jim

t t p d c o
mash keys
y m
insult jim
mash f and j
mash z

Day one: I can't wait to see the twist
Day two: Why are you drinking Coffee grounds? And Jim is no longer capable of memory.
Day Three: WHAT THE FU- yeah I may have been expecting this. EW EW EW I DRANK SPIDERS. A parchment isn't a computer. GODDAMN IT JIM WILL NOT FUCKING REMEMBER THIS. How are going to close the curtains, they're not even up-Oh sure, that's a very progressive option there. Well, life goes on even if the world doesn't.

This was a cool game, I enjoyed it. Poor Jim.

i feel very bad. I told Jim to F**k off and eat a d*ck. That didn't cause the end of the world right....? RIGHT?! Anyway i really thought it was a nice little game about the end of humans! Maybe in the future it could be a little longer :) Also i really like the style 4.5/5