Reviews for "Quotidian"

The gameplay was the most boring thing ever, But that was exactly the point! I loved how this came out, positively Mundane, in the most terrifying way possible!

Wow... I never suspected the turnout of this game. Quite a surprise.

Great game! I got scared at the last part lol

Would you believe I played this game a second time? I guess as the saying goes stupidity is doing the same things and expecting different results.

Original game. Loved the sparkling humor but I wish it didn't have pop culture references (the guy from Office Space, the reference making fun of Telltale Games, etc.) as I feel the game could have stood out just a little more as it was original and funny without them.

Still I thought the game was a good satire on everyday life. What do we miss out on when we do the ritual of our seemingly boring day to day lives?

Great idea for a game. Hope to check out and/or see more of your games soon.

Dark comedy, or a tongue-in-cheek message about mundanity coming from within? Either way, worth the time. Just wish I'd been more impressed.