Reviews for "Quotidian"

1st day: Damn, I need to work on a holyday. Unpaid water bills. Jim ignores me.
2nd day: I have no water, but I'll just drimk the coffee beans. Got fired. Jim died, I didn't have the worst day. Saw Jim's ghost, too sleepy to care.
3rd day: Apocalipse? Who cares? Good thing I worship satan, he will not fire me. Jim is too skinny. I'll brush my teeth with this sword and go sleep.

Day 1: Hey Jim have a nice day
Day 2: Hey Jim, You dont look so good, Are you ok?
Day 3: Hey Jim did you lose weight? Hail Satan!

This was a fun game and loved the concept maybe something bigger perhaps? Keep it up!

Wow... That's all I can say..Oh, I tried to translate the computer in Latin! Not so good because it's google translate, but this is what I got .
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i actually lost it when suddenly jim drew a pentagram

I was like:

Day One: Ohhh this game is so cool, that graphics tho.

Day Two: Wtf? What are you drinking? And how is Jim going to remember what i'm going to say?

Day Three: Dafuq happened? Eeew I hate spiders. WHAT? How am I going to drink coffee?
Omg boss what happened to you?