Reviews for "Quotidian"

That's a good game!

Waited for a 10 whole minutes on that damn coffee cup turning grey, Nothing. Dang. Loved the feel of this game, pacing felt a bit quick, but this most definitely fits "ritual" in more ways than one. I've also tried saying different things to jim, but it doesn't seem to change.. I just keep trying to find if you put a little hidden action in there somewhere, but there doesn't seem to be one. This game is great though, Nice work!

Finally, something original!
Personally I wouldn't have minded the game being a little longer, even with the same amount of changes happening a bit more gradually. It would have just solidified the inane nature of the routine a bit more if it actually became a routine before the world went to shit.
I could have easily played through a whole week instead of just 3 days, even if each day only had a single scene changed. Thus the 4.5 stars, I feel as if the time would have been spent better if the game had been a bit less intense and more drawn out (that's probably the first time I've raised that as a point of criticism).
Either way. This was a really creative piece, you really spent those 48 hours well.

This game is like... Deep in a way. I personally don't have a big huge interpretation of it, but its really cool, and random towards the end, which makes me laugh, and that's always a good thing. Only bad thing I have to say about this, if you can consider it bad, is that once you get through all the days, there isn't much else. Unless I'm missing out on something. Still a great game though!

Um...I...wow. Bit creepy. Made me laugh though so hey. I need to show this to my fiance. I wish there were a bit more..something to this. It leaves a bit to be desired. Really good for a short creation time.