Reviews for "Quotidian"

I think this is a really cerebral experience, that i still don't fully understand. how much sense is there to be had, in all of this? i wrote a PM to the Author asking questions and i felt like a lunatic just describing what was happening in the game and "what it all means?!?!". I think it could be easy to say it's just "out there" for the sake of it, but is it?! IS IT?!?!?!

This was the first game I've suddenly realized was important to fully experience by playing through completely, and definitely it is (spoiler ahead?) one of the only Flash games that have ever truly scared me and made me want to turn off the lights to make it even more better.

out of 10...
GFX - 7 (simple but animated)
SFX - N/A (did not review)
DESIGN - 10 (thought-provoking)
GAMEPLAY - 6.5 (needs sequel)

Overall, the fact that it needs a sequel isn't bad since it was a badass Game Jam entry. It just plays too short, but it still packs a punch and the end reward is it has left me with a ton of fun thoughts. The game serves your meal to-go by the end, shaping it into one of those little metal swan thingies or whatever, with plenty to chew on.

Good game!!!
Nice simulations game.I like simulations I recommend you to make another like this

this is like a deppressing version of groundhog day..... it feels so.... unique.. good job..

It is quite short, but in my opinion, the general consensus on more days being added before the payoff is wrong.
It would be far more satisfying to watch the world sink even MORE into the deep end of whereever it is going.

If there is too much buildup, it becomes tedious and we get it, office work is boring. no need for a full work week to get THAT part.
At the very most, halven the rate of things going to hell and continue double that amount onwards.

This would quadruple the content and add two stars to my review.

Really interesting...... curious, good representation of the rutine life...... thumbs up for you C: ....