Reviews for "Quotidian"

Good game!!!
Nice simulations game.I like simulations I recommend you to make another like this

this is like a deppressing version of groundhog day..... it feels so.... unique.. good job..

It is quite short, but in my opinion, the general consensus on more days being added before the payoff is wrong.
It would be far more satisfying to watch the world sink even MORE into the deep end of whereever it is going.

If there is too much buildup, it becomes tedious and we get it, office work is boring. no need for a full work week to get THAT part.
At the very most, halven the rate of things going to hell and continue double that amount onwards.

This would quadruple the content and add two stars to my review.

Really interesting...... curious, good representation of the rutine life...... thumbs up for you C: ....

I loved this. The concept is so good, seeing things change a little bit every day. I reckon there could have been a few more days of build up before the final payoff, but on the whole it was really enjoyable and a nice little distraction from the daily grind!