Reviews for "Indefinite: Interrogation Game"

Really interesting concept. Ive never seen a game like this before so you get a great big kudos for originality. The music is insanely horrifying. (Boyfriend thought I was playing a horror game!)

Great job. Will favorite and play more later.

Hard to recall everything in few seconds. This is quite a challenge.
BTW, Why use Buddhism, a real world religion as an "unacceptable" religion? Why can't you just come up with fictional religion and avoid offending real-life Buddhist or people of any religions? (Cost you a star)

BrandLibel responds:

I did think of that, and I came to the conclusion that using made up religions would really undermine the weirdness and the humor of the game. I chose Buddhism for a reason, and I never meant to offend any of the religions used in the game.

Got 54 questions but only unlocked the 30 point achievement... why?

This game is awesome! It's fun to play and strangley addicding. It would be cool if there was a sequol on Clara (your in-game sister) on her questioning.

that music is so creepy holy shit