Reviews for "Indefinite: Interrogation Game"

Why is everyone's sister named Clara? That's suspicious!
Indefinite Detention for all!

This is like a memory and reaction time test. After two attempts, my best score is 37. It's interesting how this game constructed a short story about a virtual me and relatives based on some random choices I picked.

It'll be great if there's more to the game. For example, an introductory and some intermediate movies.

Haha.Had lotsa fun..tho I hafta say when I picked Uranus for "Where were you planning to go after u leave earth"? and they didn't realise I was screwing with them, government officials are a buncha idiots
And also I told them I'm my sister's lover and this was the result:
Our subject is Maya Singh, a 25 year old born in Japan. She follows Christianity, an approved religious belief. During The Incident, Maya Singh was in Canada working. She is closest to her sister.

We learned some things about Clara Singh, Maya's sister and suspected terrorist: she is 23, is in India, and is in a relationship with Maya Singh - which we can use to get to her. A team has been sent to pick Maya up for interrogation.

Maya Singh admitted to killing a single person.

Based on our interrogation, we determined that Maya Singh was recruited by her sister Clara into Buddhist terrorist group 'Four Truths' to carry out killings in The Incident.

Punishment: Indefinite detention.

This is a relatively simple yet effective interrogation game. While the game has very simple gameplay, it employs a dark undertone and makes very effective use of stressful atmospheric sounds. If you let yourself fall into the mindset of the situation the game can get surprisingly tense. Yet, if you just play the game as a simple brain teaser, you may have less fun. I really liked this game for what it is. Good work.

Gameplay-> https://youtu.be/nPznEt0-CjM

BrandLibel responds:

Thanks for the review! Awesome video!

We ended the interrogation after 5 seconds. It is unlikely they would cooperate given more time.

Punishment: Execution.

(I wanted to see what would happen if I said nothing XD)

Anyways I thought it was a great game that's good If you have some time to kill, especially with all the different unique and silly choices you can select for each game. [9/10]