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Reviews for "Indefinite: Interrogation Game"

After 10-15 attempts over the last few days I get the hang of this game and it's questions. It's really great, 'cause it's simple, but extremely addictive (at least to me).

On my last Interrogation I got lucky with the answers, I could say "I don't know" (Why did your sister became a buddhit, where is she, why did she write to the goverment) or something with "my sister" (Who phoned you last night, who are you closest to, why did you buy drugs) to some different questions, and use the same jobs, places and numbers (11+) for more then one answer.

I'm rather sure that's the only chance to get a highscore, otherwise your brain might melt.
After question 100, I was asked the same 3-4 questions a lot, that also helped, I've got to admit.
Maybe the questions and answers shouldn't appear to randomly? Just a thought.
A great memory-training anyway!

If you excuse me now, I've got the stange feeling I need to meet with a Dr.Smith to talk about the time when we leave earth the moon colony.

Clever concept, with an appreciable execution. Minimal, but damn interesting.

Really cool, I like seeing the outcome of different scenarios.

I really like the concept. However, as a non-native English speaker, I could barely even read all of the possible answers before time ran out. I know that I cannot blame anyone but myself for not being able to read faster but it took away a lot from my personal experience.

This game is so stressful!!! I do agree that if you like memorising, this game is a good choice. But it gets boring very soon. Good concept though!