Reviews for "Indefinite: Interrogation Game"

It's all right, but it kind of seems a tad unfair to sometimes have to read a long question then try and find the right answer when you have a millisecond left. I'd give the player three seconds to read the question--with no answers visible--then start the timer to find the answer. Also I wish there was a way to kind of "piss off" the faceless integrator just for fun...to see if the player could get HIM to screw up, a battle of wits along with an integration. A reward could be bonus time to answer the next question, or, if you really rile him up you get a secret, surprise ending. Just a thought though, might make the game a little more fun.

wow so one of the questions was how many did you kill during the incedent and i THINK i didn't see zero as an option so i didn't answer and i was WRONG for doing that? but this supposed to be a review of the game so i like the concept but just having like two guys in suits with cigars would bring more life in too the game make them express emotions to make you feel more tense or something. But even though i'm rating it a three this game is better than all the bloody platformers on Ng it's average.

This game is good fun, only problem with it is can't scroll through the report at the end

Clever idea.

A little limited in scope. Do you think you could add guns or particle effects?

Good Job!!