Reviews for "Idle Programmer"

The concept for this game isn't bad, but it's been done better. I've played games where you basically wait around for bars to fill up or something similar, but they've often had things you can do in between. With this you literally wait and do nothing until you get your cash and then you click maybe 3-5 times and wait again.
Also the interface looked really boring and lazy and it didn't hold my attention for long.
Good concept, but it was poorly executed.

Too slow to get $2, it took me 1 minute pressing to get $2 to get $25 i need to press like crazy for 25 minutes that's too long. Make it like 5 second $2 or something to get people interested in the beginning. Right now I quit before it reach $25 as it take too long to get there.

But the idea is solid and great game if you can make it easier. 3 star.