Reviews for "Idle Programmer"

Were it not for the tab-out freeze, this game would truly be a nice basis for a proper idle games title. Good work.

look honestly this is well made idle game and for a idle game it deserves at least 4 to 4.5 stars but i am not going to give it that because it does not do what its supposed to it fails as a idle game now now i know i seem contradictory but what you need to add is for it to play when you click off the tab then i can consider it a idle game and i will even rewrite my review for you if you add that also a idle game is supposed to be a idle player that plays while your doing something else i.e it plays in the backround anyway good game cant wait to see what else you make

Sort of entertaining(*) Idle game.
However, it does't seem to 'idle' - i.e. stops if browser is minimised.

There's a bug in High Scrores: Most Cash Earned which stops at $21,474,836.47
Since this is 0x7fffffff I guess it's the max. for a 32-bit value.

Stats only update on restart after bar full.

(*)read that as 'total waste of time' ;)

While I do not understand why these games are being made in High demand like they are, However I understand the time and effort that people spend to MAKE these games, and that alone is always worth at least 2 stars.

My largest complain is how long its taking to fill the bar at the start. While i realize it will go faster later, Its so slow at the start I'm tempted to just quit.

It's a decent game at best, But I don't advice making more of these "Idle" games. Not just you guys, But anyone.

wait a moment: if i want to skip a upgrade the skipped upgrade gets brought, but for the price of the more expensive one ? i tried it with occupation and brought 'Game Dev' for the price of 500.000.000. Pretty expensive.

And also all in all the upgrades are too expensive in my mind. the first few one were ok, but for the last two last occupation upgrades the corresponding language upgrades were missing. the only thing left was waiting till i finally got enough for the next occupation upgrade. i even had maxed out the # of employee. So a little bit of adjustment is needed i guess.

But ok, the game works, no heavy bugs, it looks pretty solid.