Reviews for "Idle Programmer"

This is not an idle game. An idle game is where you start yo play it, and then turn it off, but even though it is turned off the game will still run so that when the player opens the game again, they have more money and are able to buy a ton of things, but still have to earn more money to buy the better things

CjElliott responds:

Idle Game Definition - "An incremental game (better known as an idle game) is a video game that focuses on the player performing a simple and repeated action to gain a form of currency which can then be used to buy or upgrade characters and abilities inside the game."

The feature you stated is in only some idle games, although i may add it in the future, i first need to add some more content as well as work on the problems stated by other users.
Thanks for playing

I've seen good idlers, bad idlers, and yours. Seriously: too slow, no visual appeal, no interesting feature, nothing.