Reviews for "Idle Programmer"

Good concept and idea, but not executed very well. As other reviews pointed out, it could also use some basic sounds. Overall, though, not really that fun.

Its okay. What bothers me about the game is that when you get to Simulated Reality Dev Level 2 (or 3..?), the money which is requires too large is, to displayed correctly.

My comment is basically every single bad comment but the opposite, basically this is an amazing cookie clicker style clone. AND it's auto typer proof! Yep, I tried to cheat. xD

1 hour and ten employees. Way to easy to get all the medals. Sorry get back to the drawing board.

Interesting idea with a very poor execution. There's not much to look at with the game itself and you've kind of set yourself up to lose. I say this for a very good reason. You've set up a game where it takes quite a lot of time to level up, but then once you actually buy all the languages, what's the point of continuing on with the game? You don't get any medals for anything else. So what's the point to keep going until the 'end' of the game? Nothing about the screen changes, and you just get to see your employee numbers rise once you buy the C++. That's all you can do.